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Vodafone is now working of its Digital tranformation. We are working in different squads, focus on the development of web site.


The main target is sales in the all digital funnel, in particular in the new transactional webpage. We have to know our users, to could give them experiences more closer and personalized for them.


Our Goals.

80% users access to our web using their mobile phones, all our microsites are fully responsive in all devices.

Vodafone is fully responsive and accessible (AA certificate de WAI, Web Accessibility Initiative).

My Role.

My main responsibility in Vodafone is: Implementing a consistent Design System (Design + Code)  during the launch of the entire new website. Always following main Vodafone Experience and Design Principles


Managing the Front-End team and programming in the development phase, supporting and working with UX and UI design team.identifying possible risk situations and thus minimizing impacts, identifying the potential of team members to foster their skills and development.


I am the bridge between designer and developers. 

Vodafone Experience and Design Principles

Revamp of Vodafone Mobile+ Broadband Web Site.


We test our first proposal of design with real users, 2 days of the test in Garaje de ideas lab.

We got all the feedback of users and we made the changes to our design, then you could find the results.

Main rates list page.

Detail Rate Page.


Revamp of Vodafone TV Web Site.

We make a revamp of the TV pages of Vodafone, doing them more attractive and focus on the main thing that users who visit TV pages are looking for: CONTENT, rates are at a secondary level.

We also include meaningful animations and video to could add more interaction and make them more attractive, always taking care of the perfect performance of the landing page.






- Management - Leading front end team - Organizing and planning




Head of Creative Technology

In collaboration with: :

Fullsix Team + Vodafone Team