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Adidas Club Collection


Adidas wanted to offer to his retailers an online selling tool to use it in their visits to the local clubs and therefore, sell them their equipment and items in a customized cool way.

  • To increase the number of clubs that choose Adidas as their brand through a personalized catalogue
  • To create an online tool which could be easy to use by users with little technology knowledge
  • To standout from competitors in terms of the end result – personalized catalogue provided to Clubs

Our Goals.

We gave them a solution for their database that was prepared for stores and not for this tool.

They gave us 24h to solve the problem, and we provide them an excellent UX solution that categorizes all the database results in an intuitive tool very easy to use by users.

We provide an animated prototype that shows how are going to be.

How does the tool work?.


Give your catalogue a title, fill in your contact data, upload and edit club, master sponsor and your own the logos.


  • Personalization of sponsors and club logos on all the Adidas range
  • Selection of size, colors for both the adult and kids range
  • Creation of a catalogue for the clubs to keep with their offer, both printed of PDF version to share by email

Through a solid UX job we solved the main issue of this project, the database of products. The only existing database of the whole range was the one available for shops. The team arranged and gave logic to this information in order for the retailers to have all the information showed in a simple and understandable way.


Cool features.

User can remove the bakground by selecting the color you want to remove in case thet don't have yet a transparent background format.

Users can modify the position of logos so your buyers have a clearer idea of how his t-shirt will be.

Adidas Club Collection

Adidas Club collection is a tool for Adidas Global Football team, where adidas retailers are able to create their own team wear catalogs. In order to create the catalogue they must fill in all the information that will later appear in the catalogue. User would find interesting tools like logo editor, where you could remove the background of your logo in case you don’t have a transparent background image. Also they could edit the logo position and the price e of the product to could create a custom catalogue. Finally retailers could download 2 versions of your catalogue one prepare for send by email and other prepare to be print.


Adidas Global Football


- UX - Wireframing - Prototyping - Management
 - Leading front end team
 - Organizing and planning




Head of Creative Technology

In collaboration with: :

Fullsix Team