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To promote the King Savings menu, Burger King launched a viral anti-campaign called Kinkiahorro, starring an anti-hero who undertook a fictitious fight against the brand on the Internet. This character should be present in all possible spaces of the network, especially in social networks.

In the case of MySpace, we needed to create a community from scratch, quickly generating a large number of friends who would add Stephen and follow his cause.


To get adepts in his fictional fight against Burger King on MySpace, this anti-hero launched an unprecedented promotion, consisting of giving ‘400 incredible surprise trips’ to the first 400 people who will add him as a friend.

But everything that glitters is not gold. The ‘400 amazing surprise trips’ were actually … 400 simple underground trips.

How to get the 400 winners to take this scam with good humor? The key was in how we sent the prize.

The 400 subway tickets were sent in 400 handwritten letters, stained with coffee and with a kiss as if Stephen had done them.


The results were very positive, both in the recruitment of new users and in the reaction of the winners.
In just a few hours since the beginning of the action, we had already exceeded 400 requests. To be faithful to the character, we cheated and only admitted to 399, making several more days wait for the other 800 who signed up to know who would be the lucky winner number 400.

The 400 winners not only did not get upset to find out what the real ‘surprise trip’ was, but they also wrote to thank us for such an original letter. Many of them sent us photos and photomontages of their trips through the metro.

By popular demand, we repeated the action with 100 more trips for fans of Facebook, the other great social network in which the campaign was present. Even today we receive e-mails asking us to launch more promotions of this type.



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