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The main goal of this campaign was to communicate the brands position of “Live an Experience” through iconic items that had a big influence in history. The Idea was to do the first online auction in pesetas (the old Spanish currency).

Years after it had been replaced by the euro, Spanish people still had a huge amount of pesetas at home. We did a big tribute to the peseta and offered our fans a real chance of using them.

Our Goals.

Multiuser Platform with live broadcasting with shows a real-time auction during 4 hours

400 simultaneous visitors constantly over 4 hours

A huge increase in the database.

WE MAKE A Teaser.

Our first goal was for people to look for the pesetas that they had saved, so we made them go through an experience that would refresh their memory while making them remember the good times of this icon. With this experience, hundreds of users were registered without revealing anything.

WE MAKE a Website.

People were already looking for pesetas, now we had to tell them why they would use them and give them an incentive. In phase 2, we reported the auction with great visual impact, a counter said the time left to start and we tempted the peña by showing what they could get for two dollars. In this phase the registration was massive.

WE MAKE A Live Auction.

Finally, we reach the final phase of our campaign. On P. For the auction we developed a site with a very simple interface to use. Once the user registered, all he had to do was press a button and the bid was made. Of course, if the user was not registered, we let him see what was happening, so he could not resist and decided to participate.




Ballantines-peseta experience

The challenge posed by Ballantine's was to strengthen the Leave an Impression concept in young people. We decided to change the story and base ourselves on an object from the 90's that would definitely have left its mark. We found the perfect icon, an icon of which there were still more than 300,000 million in the houses of the Spaniards, an icon that has a lot of attachment and that we never finish taking off. The peseta. We decided to pay homage to this coin by creating La Peseta Experience, the first online auction in pesetas sung live. To communicate the idea we were in various media, on the Internet, on the street, on the radio and even organized events. The communication was divided into 3 stages: 1. We encourage the search for pesetas. 2. We made people want to participate in the auction. 3. The auction.




- Layout - Animation - Actionscript 3


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